Safe Travels

“Safe Travels” Brand – Argentina

Argentina is already endorsed by the “Safe Travels” seal of the World Travel and Tourism Council of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Thus redoubling the focus on sustainable and responsible development, in favor of global travelers who visit us and the local communities that receive them. The Argentine Republic is the only country in South America that is a member of the WTTC, through the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR), which, as a public and national body, makes the distinction received from the “Safe Travels” seal in favor of all the Argentine territory.
The Seal, in turn, is a reflection of the Tourism Protocols of Argentina, developed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation together with the Federal Council of Tourism (CFT), the Institute of Tourism Quality (ICTA) and the Argentine Chamber of Tourism (CAT). The users of the Seal must confirm the implementation of the forecasting, management and operation framework provided by the MINTURDEP Tourism Protocols, which are aligned and complemented with the WTTC Global Protocols. In the same way, users acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions defined by the World Travel and Tourism Council, as well as the conditions, guidelines and requirements defined in the Request Form, and any addenda that may arise to it.