Costa Rica

Costa Rica leads among International destinations in travel outlook surveyed in Spain

This is the main finding from the Spring 2019/Covid-19 issue of the 1st Study on Perceptions of Safe Destinations, published by The Blueroom Project in Spain. Costa Rica ranked fourth in the global ranking of international destinations, with a score of 71%, as well as taking the top spot for travel destinations in the Americas. One of the main findings of the survey, carried out on March 15-30, 2021, was that the destinations that have opened to tourism while also demonstrating competent management of the pandemic will be the most likely to receive tourists in the upcoming summer season.
“One of the commitments and challenges that the ICT has undertaken in the current environment is to maintain a solid presence of the Essential Costa Rica brand in our priority tourist-sending markets (the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands). This study shows that we have achieved our goal,” said Gustavo J. Segura, the Minister of Tourism.
Segura noted the importance of continuing to adhere to public health protocols in order to safeguard the ongoing reactivation of the tourism industry.  According to Segura, the country’s promotional efforts are focused on the strengths of the destination, including the ability to visit year-round, the variety of outdoor activities without crowds, and the sustainable and secure approach that complies with the strict biosafety protocols implemented by all tourism subsectors.
“We have continued to follow these strategies to demonstrate that our country is a sanctuary of sustainability, a destination that allows visitors to experience life’s essential values,” said Segura.